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 The program at the Gallery Dreiklang 2003 - 2005
2003 | 2005 | 2004 |

30.08.2003 at 11.00 o´clock exhibition till 30.10.2003

Opening of the "Gallery Dreiklang" (triad) Pictures by Nina Geling, sculptures by Ekkahart Bouchon.The exhibition about the topic "secret" was first shown in Moscow, then in Vilnius and at last in Hann. Münden.The musical opening is made by Nuri el Ruheibany, father and son with their own compositions and belly dancing by Dalahl.

from 8.11.03 till 22.11.03 The opening is on 08.11.03 at 15 o´clock

"Five artists from Nichni Nowgorod"A wide curve of art, which starts with the old Russian masters (Wachtang Wischapuri), goes across the Russian van Gogh (Sergey Sorokin), a representative of the national art (Wladimir Sidorov), the mystical symbolism (Wladimir Fufachov) and ends with modern abstraktivism (Dmitri Janovski). Nikita Kopilov plays "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Musorgsky.


| 2005 | 2003 |

from 1.12.03. till 31.01.04

"Chtistmas Exhibition" Pictures, photos; sculptures by Nina Geling, Wolfgang Müller and Ekkahart Bouchon.

12.12.03 and 18.12.03

A piano concert played by Chuel-Woo Bae (South Korea) and Alexander Telengator (Novosibirsk).

24.01.04 at 15.30 o´clock

"Art and music lesson for children and adults"Music students from Kassel play chamber music, piano, cello, violin, flute.The artists Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon explain the exhibited art work.

7.02.04at 15.00 o´clock

Opening of the exhibition "Pictures of People of two Worlds" Photos made by Lev Silber (Russia) and K.O.W. Müller (Hann. Münden). There is a piano concert.

6.03.2004 at 20.00 o´clock

A Ragtime concert, played and told by Marcus Schwarz

3.04.2004 at 15.00o´clock

Opening of the exhibition with art from Lithuania. It´s presented by Prof. Arunas Jonikas, Vilnius. For the opening a concert for piano and violin is planned.

4.04.2004 at 11.00 o´clock

A Matinee Concert for piano and violin is planned.

8.05.2004 at 20.00 o´clock

A piano concert played by three master students of Musik Academy Kassel, wich come from China, Japan and Korea.

19.06.2004 at 20.00 o´clock

a surprising concert "An Arabian Night" with Rabin Lahoud (Libanon/Kassel), Ashraf Kateb (Syrien/Berlin), Nuri el Ruheibany (Syrien/Luchow), Nora el Ruheibany (Luchow), Dalal (Köln) und String quartet of the music academy in Kassel

19.06.2004 at 20 o΄clock exibitiontill 5.09.04

Variability with abstrakt pictures from Nina Geling and abstrakt skulptures from Ekkahart Bouchon. Variability in art means, that the beholder, if he is open to communicate with the work of art and - in doing so - discover other positions with new statements, becomes co-creator-consequently varies and therefore enters the world of inventiveness with its thoughts and emotions together with the artist.

11.09.04 at18΄clock the exhibition till 25.10.04

Biblical motifs from Lilia Slavinskaja (Pastell), Alexandra Kolganova (Aquarell, Tusche), Valentin Mitrofanov (Pastell), Anatoly Purlik (Pastell) - Galery les Oreades, Paris–Moskau. A piano concert is planned

7.10.04 at 18 o΄clock

Choir-concert: Russian church and folk songs. The choir is from the ancient Russian town Kaluga.

from 28.10.04 till 31.10.04 exibition till 25.11.2004

International children΄s piano festival "Tutti" with 15 young pianists from England, Italy, Russia, Greece, Korea and Germany. The age of the students is 6 til 17 years. In the course concerts with the students and their professors will take place and master class events will be organized.
Concerts with young artists:
28.10.2004 at 17 o΄clock, Knight hall in Hann. Muenden
29.10.2004 at 17 o΄clock, local church hall, Niestetal-Sandershausen 31.10.2004 at 17 o΄clock, Knight hall in Hann.
Muenden Piano recital withpiano professors:
30.10.2004 at 16.30 o΄clock, Knight hall in Hann.
Muenden Master classes:
28.10.200414.00 - 16.00o΄clock
30.10.2004 8.30 - 17.00 o΄clock
31.10.2004 9.00 - 16.00 o΄clock
Exhibition: At the opening of the festival at the Gallery "Dreiklang" the paintings of the children will be exhibited. The motto of the pictures will be "Paintedmusic". The Grotefeld grammar school in Mόnden, the Otto-Hahn-Grammar school in Goettingen, music students from Kassel and "Maria΄s Children" Moscow will prospective take part in this exhibition.

30.11.2004 at 20 o΄clock

A piano concert played by Uwe Volkmar (Schubert und Schumann, u.a. Karneval).

26.12.2004 at 16 o΄clock exhibition till 23.12.2004

At the end of the year „German Culture in Russia“, Maria’s children (Moscow), Galeria “Dreiklang” (Hann Münden) and the foundation “Leer” (Moscow) organized an exhibition in the Bogoljubov library of arts, situated in the centre of Moscow, which was called “musical art painting” as well as a concert called “swoosh of the vanished year”.

2005 | 2004 | 2003 |

15.01.2005 at 18 o΄clock

Pictures by Anatoly Purlik (Moscow)

23.01.2005 at 16 o΄clock

A piano concert played by Alexander and Viktor Urvalov ( Chopin, A. Skrjabin, Fr.List, S.Prokofjew) Alexander Urvalov is the prize winner of international Chopin competition

5.03.2005 at 18 o΄clock exhibition till 19.04.2005

"Christian Paintings by Irina Tscherkassova" - taken from the collection of Moscow΄s collector Nikolai Filimonov. Their pictures could be characterized as modern drawing-room icons, which were created without traditional canon,but dictated by the own belief and own wishes motivated by Christian motives. Aida Klotschkowa, Alexander Worobew and Gennady Bunchis (akkordeon, piano and vocal) - church songs.

17.04.2005 at 18 o΄clock

A piano concert by Jens Hoffmann (Franz List)

23.04.2005 at 18 o΄clock exhibition till 31.05.2004

Pictures by Ludmila Schmidt.Friedrich-Silcher-Trio, Kassel: classical folk songs interpreted Klaus Rothkegel (vocal), Mario Carboni (Guitar) and Helmut Schäfer(clarinet).

30.04.2005 at 18 o΄clock

A concert Duo: Prof. Ulf Schneider, violine and Stephan Imorde, piano. Pauline Viardot-Garcia (1821-1918) Claude Debussy(1862-1918), Ernest Chausson (1855-1924) und Gabriel Faure’ (1845-1924).

01.06.2005 at 17 o΄clock exhibition till 30.06.2005

The exhibition as wall as the concert with “Maria’s children” (Moscow), Galeria “Dreiklang” (Hann Münden, Germany) and the foundation “Leer” (Moskow) will take place in a new building of the Bogoljubov library of arts in Moscow. This library is going to be an intellectual centre of arts which combines three elements: reading, painting and making music.

10.06.2005 at 18 o΄clock

Sorokin-55, jubilee exhibition of the artist Sergei Sorokin from Nichni Nowgorod. Russian romances by Anna Sterzer (mezzosopran) and Margrit Julia Zimmermann (piano) - graduated from Moscow΄s conservatory

19.06.2005 at 16 o΄clock

A piano concert by Andrei Iwanowitch from St. Petersburg, celebrated prize winner of international competitions.

10.09.2005 at 18 o΄clock exhibition till 15.10.2005

"Moments" with abstract pictures from Nina Geling and abstract skulptures from Ekkahart Bouchon. A concert by Hwa- Won Pyun ( violin) and Nicholas Rimmer (piano).

12.09.2005 at 18 o΄clock

Kaluga Choir: Russian church and folk songs.

24.09.2005 at 18 o΄clock

A piano concert by Andrei Hering from Rostok

05.11.2005 at 18 o΄clock

"Kieser jazz posters" His complete collection of music posters is shown in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Mainstream Jazz Cocktail of Swing, Latin and Blues: Helmut Schäfer (tenor saxophone), Valerij Geneberg (trumpet), Frank Sommerfeld (guitar); Richard Nagy-Mink (bass), Tobias Schopf (drums)

19.11.2005 at 18 o΄clock

A piano concert by Margrit Julia Zimmermann from Cleveland-USA

10.12.2005 at 18 o΄clock

„Reflexionnes en soi(e)“, paintings of the artist Sergej Jamscikov A Bajan concert played by Igor Pavlyk (1980), Kiew/Kassel. Bach, Albinoni, Vlasov, Zubitsky, Dakken, Pitzegoni, Vivaldi.

27.12.2005 at 18 o΄clock

"Moments", the exhibition by Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon is shown in Bogoljubov Library of Arts in Moskow.

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