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18.01.13 -18.02.13

National museum of the republic Mari El, Joschkar-Ola

Symbols of the universe.From Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon in the Mari El republic where the pagan culture in Europe was not only been present for the longest time but is still practiced nowadays.
The symbols of the universe on the canvases and wooden relief’s can either be spotted easily on first sight or are hidden beneath the colors.
They do not expose all their secrets, but they have an influence on the observer and stimulate their creativity.
The national museum of Mari el will keep the works and include them in their natinall state Art fond collection.●Exaples of the works pictures from 18.01.2013TV-news from Mari El region

Swenigorod biological station of the Moscow Univertity

On the world day of wetlands the exhibition “World of Fairies” will be shown in the Conference room “Walhalla”.
Lecture about myths, sagas and fray tales from Germany and Russia, their common origins and national peculiarities. ProgramPictures TV-"news from Moskow region "


The Dreiklang Gallery

„From two to seven“ All kids like to draw and fill their pictures with fantasies and happiness.
It is astonishing though what the kids from Tschaikowsky a city in the southwest of the Ural Mountains were able to achieve through professional early education. Examples of the works. The exhibition will start on the 9th of February at 6 pm with a concert from the highly gifted young musician Katharina Büll (Violin, Germany) and Timur Enikeev (piano, Kasachstan).HNA-15.01.13 HNA-6.02.13 HNA-13.02.13

17.02. 11:30
The Dreiklang Gallery

“Ela and Frank – Letters that life (love) has written”, Literature Theatre “Bühnenstürmer” from Nordheim.
Frank, who wants everything under control and Gabriela who wants to live her life to the fullest. Those two write letters to each other their whole life long. Their love for each other finds new words to express itself again and again but will it find fulfilment? An exchange of letters as a Dialog staged for the scene: fast, emotionall, exciting. Read and played by Kristin Mösinger and Lothar Germer. Made by B.K. Jerofke.

09.03. - 23.03.2013
The Dreiklang Gallery

„A shadow of a smile“: Oil, Aqurell and skatches from Julia Sokolowskaja, from the region of Kaliningrad, Russia.
The young artist possesses the gift to express the inner feelings of the people in her pictures like a faint smile. Examples of the works and a short biography

11.02. - 15. 03.
Technical College Hann.Münden

Projekt „Variabile“ with studends from the BBS Hann Münden in the national competition “Children to the olymp”.
The Art objekts from the project will be used to decorate the school and sets of variable pieces will be donated to the kindergarden for disabled Children from the Red Cross.

7 .- 17. April
The Dreiklang Gallery

A Master class in the “Galerie Dreiklang” from the soloist of the Bolschoi theater Irina Dolzhenko , supported by the foundation “Herman Braun”
On the 12th of April Irina wil give concert: arias and romances in Russian and other languages.


12.05. - 21.05.2013

Swenigorod biological station of the Moscow Univertity

Project „Variabilie“, presenting a new method for art-therapy, supported by the German consulate in Moskow, Swenigorod biological station of the Moscow Univertity ● decriptionprogram
Participants: Experts from Germany and Russia, students from the Stroganov Art-university Moscow and school children from Swenigorod. Throughout the project there will also be an exhibition of the works from Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon called “Terra Incognita”.

17. - 20. juni
Technical College Hann.Münden


21, 24. and 25. juni
Secondary School "Three Rivers"

"Water, water, water everywhere..."

The Dreiklang Gallery


ab 30. Augus

. In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace. The Greeks thought that Boreas, the North Wind,[1] lived in Thrace, and that therefore Hyperborea was an unspecified region in the northern lands that lay beyond the north wind.
On a stattion where scientsts look for clues to find that land Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon wil make an exhebition.●Examples of the works Pictures from the region



Where did the black square come from? A picturesque project from Lev Prygunov, Moscow .
“The black square from Malewitsch is not the death of art but the death of Russia where he lived.
I like Malewitsch, he is a genious artist but I discovered that the black square was not invented by him but subconsciously copied from Leonardo.(from an interview with the author of the project ). ● Ex. of the works
Lev Prygunov is mainly known as an actor in more than a 100 roles, but he is also an artist, a poet and a singe

14.- 18.Oktober

Variabile in the Geschwister-Scholl-House.
Participants: Kids form the age of 8 to 12.

Nach dem 19.11.


Duo-piano Andreas Hering (Germany, Rostock) and Julia Kasantzeva (Russia, Moscow) two very talented young pianists and repeated winners of international contests meet again after 5 years in Hann. Münden.


«Etnofuturismus as a phenomenon of culture" and Izmail Efimov, as his strong representative. The term Etnofuturismus was born in the late eighties as an artistic movement and ideology in painting, music, dance and literature. It enchants and attracts by its simplicity and with its mystery. It is a magic fusion of past and future, a national and world-specific synthesis. These are our roots, which are genetically determined in us. This is unity with nature, which can be seen so clearly in childhood and that was expressed by this Master so skillfully on his canvasses. Examples of the Works B Examples of the works





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