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2011 - 2012

Lutheran Hospital, Hann. Muenden

„Colour happiness”

the exhibition of the painter Nina Geling and the sculpture Ekkahart Bouchon.
Visitors can discover the colour happiness in more then 160 works: aquarelles, relives, and wooden sculptures. The two Artist have discovered by the meeting of the email artist Michael Selishchev the art of email as a new element for pictures and wooden sculptures.

from Februar 2012
Technical College Hann.Münden

is the name of this project. It is not only a decoration in the school ground of the vocational school BBS Hann. Münden, but also intending to encourage the students to deal with myths and symbols through art.
Starting from Finist-Falcon the symbolic unification is told of Falcon-Snake-Fish to the Phoenix which rises from its ash. The project starts in Germany and is going to be continued in Russia.ito be continued in Russia

12.02.12- 26.02.12

The Dreiklang Gallery

“The big fish“
Oleg Pjanov, Kaliningrad, Russia
Nostalgia of his childhood at the outskirts of Koenigsberg,  a city not yet Russian and no longer  German, where the shadows of the past were strangely mixed and I was six years old, so the artist. With humor and love the artist depicts his city in his works: more information
As part of the vernissage  there is going to be a piano concert by the conductor and composer Jan Polivka:
programm and vita.

3.03.12 - 19.03.12
The Dreiklang Gallery

„Images from dark ages“, the painter Nina Geling and the sculpture Ekkahart Bouchon.
The technocratic century, hailed as a blessing of mankind. Whether man is happy? What he has lost if he doesn´t understand how he can survive in this world. People used to say that if you don´t understand something you should go back to the place at which everything was clear. Back to the roots? The paintress and the sculptor show us beliefs of our ancestors: of legends, tales and excavations. .Beispiele  der Werke

24.03.- 8.04.12
The Dreiklang Gallery

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky“ Homage to musicians of Rock, Pop, Beat, Blues, Jazz and Punk by Ole Ohlendorf. Complex like the artist himself. “It`s not about stars and the glorification of their ashes, it´s about you and me and us…and about handing on the fire.”Oil paintings of this series are also in the Rolling Stones Museum (Lüchow), in the Rock and Pop Museum (Gronau), in the CBF Trophy Hall (Rio de Janeiro). Further information.
The jazz pianist Christian Münch, lecturer at the Hannover College of Music: “Why I am playing a sound? Because I hear it inside me”. It´s going to be thrilling to find out which sounds will come upon him while he is looking at the famous musicians when he appears on the scene together with the Ukranian jazz singer Inna Vysotska, prize winner in several international competitions.

5.04. - 22.04.12
World The Museum of the Ocean (Royal Gate/Königstor) , Kaliningrad

The new exhibition   "Magical images from dark ages" by Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon starts its tour of Russian cities in Kaliningrad. It is about what once used to be and what remains of it in myths, tales and in our genetic memory. The exhibition will be opened in the historical Royal Gate (Königstor); it is sponsoired mainly by the Order of the German Knights (Deutschen Ritterorden). Examples of the works. Organizer: "ProfKo Agency".

10. - 13.04.2012
Town of Kolomna, Cultural Center Dom Ozerov

In the ancient Russian town of Kolomna  (Cultural Center Dom Ozerov) the exhibition "Symbols of the Universe" will be opened by Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon during the 'German Days'.
The symbols of the universe which are depicted on canvas or by wooden combinations are either clearly visible or hidden under the paints. They don´t reveal all their secrets, but there is an invisible Influence on the observers and they  inspire the imagination.
Examples of the works.


The Museum of the World Ocean (Royal Gate/Königstor) , Kaliningrad

An international Seminar of the non-profit orgnisation "ProfKo" focussing  on children with special needs will take place in Kaliningrad. Dreiklang Gallery is going to apply its Art therapy on the topic "Water, water, water everywhere..." in the Museum of the World Ocean. 70% of the human body consist of water. All living beings need water to exist. You can move around in water and you can generate energy from it. In the water there exists a fantastic world of plants, pisces and other animals. They are so varied and unique that there are no limits to our fantasy. That is why each participant of the project can contribute something springing out of his imagination.

21.04. - 6.05.
The Dreiklang Gallery

“Art Contemplators”

The Photographic exhibition by KOW Müller can best be characterised by the quotation of the artist Ad Reinhard:“Sculpture is what you sstumble over when you step back to contemplate a picture.”

Technical College Hann.Münden

Project week of the BBS Hann.Münden
Following the method  developed by Dreiklang Gallery our aim is to show that every participant can be an artist.
In the water there is a fantastic world of plants, pisces and other animals. They are so varied that there are no limits to our fantasy.
Therefore each participant of the project can contribute something sprung up in his mind or imagination.

7. -16. Juli 2012
The Dreiklang Gallery

Gate to nowhere.
Like Dante's twilight space between hell and paradise deprived of any physical quantities, without space or time. Collecting online lazy deluded souls, which we thoughtlessly let, wander of far away from any physical actions.
That is the World Wide Web.
 Paper installation Neizvestnova Anna (Moscow): semi-sitting and reclining paper ghosts of paper notebooks hung on invisible fishing lines along the walls. As part of the vernissage  there is going to be a bajan concert by the Milan Vidovic (Bosnien-Herzegowina): bio und programm HNA-10.07.12 Masterklasse

August 2012 .

Town of Tchaikowski, Perm Region

"Magical images from dark ages"
Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon, Enamel, Paintings, Glass and Wood Sculptures: Examples of the works.
Among presentations of totems and animal style from the Ural region, the works of art give off an elementary, almost primitive power and tell in golden colours with a kind of occult solemnity of the worship of gods.

August 2012

Tschaikowski, Ural, Rossia

“The Tribal Memory”
A project with the shaping of facades of two - and three- storey houses.
In the Ural, at the banks of the Kama river used to live a people with a unique Mythology and culture. You are amazed at the Compositions and phantastic pictures, The realisation of the project  in the town of Tschaikowski, where the surroundings are full of traces and  documents of the old culture, will no doubt increase the interest in the town. Further Information.

23.09. - 7.10.12
The Dreiklang Gallery

“Between heaven and earth”
Enamel art by the worldwide famous Nicolai  Vdovkin and his daughter Ekaterina, Stawropol, Russia.
Father Heaven and Mother Earth  and between them all life with people and their wishes, dreams and ambitions. An exceptional exhibition with a topic that makes you think. Examples of the works
In the opening ceremony of the exhibition Irina Epifanowa from the Moscow Theatre is going to sind German and Russian tangos of the 1930ies.

14. - 19. Oktober

Moscow, 10th  International Film Festival

.Through the war into the cinema - for peace in the World! That is the motto of the international film festival Ozerov.
In the frame of the festival different Art exhibitions will be presented: by Lew Pugnow, by Dreiklang Gallery and Photographs.
     The theme of the exposition "Magical images from dark ages" by Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon corresponds to that of the festival,  awakening mainly in young people the interest in their country and its history.
Examples of the works

24.11. - 9.12.2012
The Dreiklang Gallery

.„No tea ceremony“: photo exhibition of Igor Morosov, Kolomna.

An unusually sharp and subjective view of rather simple things, showing a very individual view of the world.
No tea ceremony contains a secret and sacramental sense, an appearance that isn’t obvious but lies underneath.

8.12. - 22.12.2012 
The Town Hall, Hann. Muenden

Retrospektive from the works of 29 artist from all around Russia, among them Alexandra_Tokarewa, Vladimir_Fufachev, Vladimir_Svetlov, Elena_Tscherkassova, Sergey_Sorokin, Dmitry Janowsky, Mikhail_Selischchev, Slawa_Golowtschenko, Anatoly_Purlik, Vladimir_Sydorov, Nikolai Vdovkin , Margarita Isotova, Alexander_Lakhno, Juri_Didenko and others.
For the opening on Sunday the 8th of December at 18:00 we will have a concert from Mikhail Evtyukhov, actor and singer of the Moscow Jewish theatre Shalom, winner of international competitions in Moscow and New-York.

in Lepantosaal of Guelph Castlle from Hann.. Muenden

Premiere eines Filmes von Svetlana Pogorelova, TV Göttingen mit Synchron-Übersetzung von Dr. Hermann Fegert (slawische Philosophie Universität Göttingen) zum Thema orthodoxe Kirche in russischer Provinz.


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