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1.12.2007 - 9.12.2007 The Dreiklang Gallery
Enamel art from Michael  Selishchev, Rostov the Great Mixed technique as an appearance of something new in the art . The combination of wood and enamel , stone and other materials as an new expressive  means wood and enamel - a modern experiment” of the Gallery Dreiklang , Hann.Muenden, Germany and the creation association  Khors, Rostov the Great, Russia . Amir Tebenikhin, piano: the winner of many major  international competitions. major tours and engagements included performances in the best  concert halls in USA (CARNEGIE hall), Japan (TSUDA hall),  and Europe (WIGMORE hall in London and the  PHILHARMONIC halls in St.Petersburg, Russia)
10.11.2007 -  24.11.2007 The Dreiklang Gallery
Don’t you know where the heaven is:
Type faces–image writings from Hermann Kilian . A fascinating  calligraphic tour threw the world of the aphorisms .
The Vernissage will be opened  with an concert: Mariko Matsumoto, violin and Yasuko Nunomura, piano
26.10.2007 - 24.11.2007 „ Small Gallery” ,Guestrow           
Fairy World  : exhibition in the  „ Small Gallery”  of the academy  for sustainable development , Guestrow : Nina Geling  painting/gouache , Ekkahart Bouchon  wood sculptures and wood relief’s
7.10.2007 - 14.10.2007 The Town Hall Hann. Muenden
Art Monument – Monument Art!
This is an title of an so far unique  festival where 40  artists will show there own works and work in 20 architectural monuments of the town centre of Muenden. The Dreiklang Gallery works together with 10 other artists in the town hall: Alexander Lakhno, Antoine Carvalho, Janos Enyedy, Giesela Hyllus, Jan-Jacek Sobecki, Dmitri Janowsky, Wladimir Fufachev, Valentin Kuts, Janos Enyedy, Nina  Geling, Ekkahart Bouchon
22, 23, 29, 30.09.07 The Dreiklang Gallery, 14.00 - 18.00 hrs
Open Ateliers in the administration district of Gottingen:  Nina Geling (painting), Ekkahart Bouchon (wood sculptures) and Dieter Vetter (art smith) open their own atelier.
22.09.07 18:00 hrs The Dreiklang Gallery
Accordion concert  with Igor Pavlik, Music academy Kassel
1. 9. 2007 The Botanic Garden of Frankfurt
The Day of the Open Haus of the Botanic Garden of  Frankfurt
The sculptors Antoine Carvalho, Mannheim and Ekkahart Bouchon work on some sculptures (wood), show there own works and  make  relief pictures  with children jn
3. 6 – 8. 7. 07 Kassel - Hann.Muenden - Goettingen

Here exist some "Impossible combinations" in reality, a lot of elements, which are inadmissible to join together. In some cases it will be even disastrous. But in art it is possible. What is more, such combinations have become a "creative force". Sometimes the use of heterogeneous elements has given not only an unexpected, but has become a special impulse, "a creative urge", leading to new works of art, expanding the artists horizon and adding some special importance to new experiments.

1.05 2007 20.00 hrs Rittersaal, Welfenschloss in Hann. Muenden
Charity piano concert by  Julia Kasantzeva 21 year-old student of the Moscow Conservatory

27.12.2006- 6.1.2007

The Dreiklang Gallery

evolution Evolution or Creation` Three artists and three religions: water-colours Ruth Shany (Israel), sculptures Norbert Halpape (Germany) ,piano concert Nuri el Ruheibany (Syria/ Germany)

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